Learning differences do not determine outcomes.

Have you ever thought or been told that because your kids have a learning difference, school will just always be a struggle?

Let me dispel you of this myth.

We’ve worked with tons of families who wanted their kids to feel confident and in control with school, but didn’t truly believe this could happen for their kids. Some of them tried tutoring (or therapy), but this didn’t really change things so they bought into the belief that “being good” at school just wasn’t in the cards for them.

And what happened?

Some kids worked 2-3 times as hard as their classmates and STILL brought home low grades. Some kids stopped caring altogether and accepted that they were D/F students. Forget feeling stimulated or invested in their own achievement. They were robbed of the personal and intellectual growth they DESERVE to have in their teens. Robbed of the engagement, the problem-solving and the realization of just how capable they really are.

They felt stupid and either disliked or flat out hated school. The students internalized horribly negative attitudes towards learning in general. They took for fact that they were simply inferior in some ways to other people.

But what happened when they stopped believing they were less capable -working themselves ragged without a plan? Once they stopped just hoping it would get easier, and/or blaming the LD’s? Once they took focused, intelligent action to learn the step-by-step strategies they could *actually* use to cut down their workload and increase their grades?

Within a few months: higher grades, more confidence, less overwhelm and stress.

They started caring about school.

They went from struggling students to empowered learners.

We saw these same students, once struggling, graduate with high grades and get accepted to their first-choice colleges. For the kids that came to us in university, same thing but with internships, jobs and even grad school.

The bottom line:

School does NOT have to be a constant struggle and source of stress for your kids, regardless of their learning profile.

If you want to better understand why this applies to you (and it does, trust me), book a (free) call to discuss your situation, your kids’ goals and the best path for achieving them.

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