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Transforming how students

We transform struggling students into thriving learners with the skills to succeed not just on the next test or essay, but in life.

Parent & Student Stories

If their process isn’t working, we need to tweak it. That’s why we came to Komo.
I had no motivation. I was on my computer a lot, being distracted, pretending to work.
I didn’t know how to study or manage my time.
We got him on the first call, and he LOVED it.
This isn’t just about school. This is about life.
Komo is the best investment I’ve ever made. My son is changed, his thoughts are changed.
I failed Grade 10. I hated school. I hated calendars. Now I use a calendar. School is challenging but possible.
I can’t even put into words how much I appreciate what this program has done for us.
I used to turn in schoolwork like a month late. Now I’m doing my work without struggling. It feels easy.

Don't listen to us - listen to them

May 8, 2024
Very strong support!

Working with Kelsey throughout the past year has immensely helped me improve my study and organistational skills. I started working with her at a time when I was at a low point and was really struggling with my University work, now after a year I feel I am in a place where I can actually excel at my work again and I am well prepared for the semester.

Mar. 15, 2024
Navigation and coach

We were in search of a coach for our son, who is studying at the University of Toronto. Our aim was to find someone who could assist him with structures and reminders, and provide a critical perspective on his approach to work. It was important for us to find someone who had completed a similar education ideally at the same university. We found both in Kelsey. Kelsey's positive, reminding, and demanding approach has kept our son on track. Much of his life and his work is now more structured, more positive and he has more belief in himself. We hope that with Kelsey's support, he will successfully navigate through his final year. We highly recommend Kelsey.

Mar. 21, 2024
Very helpful for young student-athletes

I am a grade 12 student who has ADHD and plays soccer four-five times a week. for years I struggled to stay on task and to find time to study and do homework, this would eventually lead to unneeded stress and anxiety. When I started to work with Kelsey in September of Gr. 11, she helped me find ways to plan my school work around my soccer schedule, and showed me many different strategies that I can use to maximize my time while studying. These tips and tricks that I have learned over the past year and a half with Kelsey not only helped with my stress and anxiety levels, but have also really helped me flourish as a student and have lead me to committing to my #1 University for Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, as well as committing to their varsity soccer team. I would instantly recommend Kelsey Komorowski to anyone who is looking for an academic coach, and I truly believe that the work she does has a positive impact on everybody she works with.

Mar. 1, 2024
Every student needs Komo!

Kelsey Komorowski who heads Komo Consulting is a rare gem in the academic field. Her philosophy brings the best out in students by teaching them to connect with their confidence and skills. All students will thrive at Komo!

Mar. 16, 2022
Middle schooler concerned about high school...

Our middle schooler was having a rough time in Math. I was looking for a tutor for him, but I realized he needed something else when he expressed his concern about being unprepared for high school. I knew he did not know how to study, but he was not open to taking direction from his mom! Komo has helped our son mature in so many ways...he plans his time wisely, he uses study methods and has gained a tremendous amount of confidence in his ability to do the work, his communication skills are better than many grad students I have worked with and our relationship has thrived since school/school work is not a source of conflict. We have even witnessed him taking more responsibility around the house! He definitely put the work into the program (begrudgingly at first), and it paid off!

Jun. 27 2021
Komo worked with my daughter in her...

Komo worked with my daughter in her final semester of high school. They were consistently encouraging and positive, while holding her accountable. She did not complete all the study modules that were available (due to a LOT of overdue work), but she is working on them now, in preparation for college this fall. We got detailed updates on her progress by email, and the parent calls were a plus too.

Jun. 24 2021
Skills and confidence - a whole new teen

Our teen learnt many new skills and feels so much more confident in her school work and life in general. It’s brought her through a really tough time at school that would have been tremendously stressful without Komo there to support, reframe and guide. She feels she now knows how to cope with the academic highs and lows. We are thrilled with the program and highly recommend it for all students.

May 19 2021
Exactly what my son needed

Exactly what my son needed! My 16 year old had an incredibly hard time with studying. He was not sure exactly what to do or how to do and unfortunately I was not able to help him. Kelsey and her amazing team swooped right in and gave my son the tools and the confidence to thrive. Now, he knows exactly what to do. Where to find help. How to stick to a calendar and plan for his assignments. He never needed a tutor. He just needed the tools of how to prepare. He is smart and the team at Komo brought that out in him. I'm so grateful and can't thank them enough.

Mar. 8 2021
Exceptional Program

So very pleased. Surprisingly, our son embraced the program and still models its successes. He's all A's in his senior year and been accepted to several colleges. The consistency of the program and everything Kelsy and Ros said they would do, they did!

Dec. 15 2020
I have worked with Kelsey...

I have worked with Kelsey for my undergrad and graduate school applications. She has been very helpful in guiding me through the writing process and definitely made a positive impact on my applications!

Dec 5. 2020
A big help

With no one to guide me through the application process, Kelsey was a big help. She helped me find new programs that I wouldn't have otherwise found, create an organized plan that reduced the amount of stress I would've otherwise had, and help me create an in-depth authentic personal profile that will help me express to the universities who I truly am.

Nov. 26, 2020
Komo definitely goes the extra mile...

The team at Komo has been working with my son in his last year of high school. Motivation through online learning has been an issue. When Kelsey says they will do what it takes she really means it. They are very encouraging, are helping him stay on track and accountable and he enjoys the sessions. I can't thank them enough.

Nov. 16, 2020
My college aged daughter has benefitted

My college aged daughter has benefitted from this program in several ways. She is more organized and has a stronger understanding of what it takes to study as well as better communication skills from the peer/coaching meetings.

July 21, 2020
Undergraduate journey

I have been working with Komo consulting for over 6 years and I must say, my experience has been nothing but positive. During my undergrad, Komo consulting helped me every step of the way, From short assignments and presentations to undergraduate thesis and research manuscript. If you want to take your studies to the next level I strongly recommend Komo.

May 5, 2020
Without the understanding and support...

Without the understanding and support of our son's tutor he would not be as successful as he has been in college. It is because of the tutor that he is on track towards a career and has considered going beyond college for his BSW.

Apr. 1, 2020
The best investment!

I cannot recommend Komo Consulting highly enough! My younger son used their services for support during the University application process. Kelsey was absolutely fantastic. She is professional but relates incredibly well to the younger generation. She had a wonderful ability to keep my son motivated, engaged and productive. He had enormous respect for her! He ended up being accepted to his undergraduate school and program of choice. We we’re beyond thrilled. If you are thinking of using Komo Consulting, I promise it is a valuable service and worth every penny!

Mar. 29, 2020
They don't really teach these kinds of things in school...

The things I'm doing in the FAM all sound like common sense, but I guarantee you 99% of students aren't doing these things

Mar. 27 2020
This takes it beyond what just Mom is saying.

It helps my son recognize that if he has these skills, he won't have poor grades and it isn't a reflection on his intelligence

Mar. 3, 2020
Achieve Your Dreams With Komo!

I came across Komo Consulting through a friend of my mother's when I was at the end of my rope searching for ways to further my education in the field of archaeology and/or heritage studies. Before I connected with my counselor I was getting ready to resign myself to the life of a 'shovel bum' and essentially work for minimum wage for the rest of my life. However, after I worked with Komo on getting my life in gear, I am proud to announce that Komo has set me on the proper course to not just get my Master's Degree, but to strive for my wildest archaeological dreams! Komo will prepare and help you achieve whatever it is you set your mind to by guiding you through their unique foundations up approach to your goals and dreams. By breaking down large tasks into small chunks, and always keeping it genuine, the skills I learned with Komo will be shaping the writing of my thesis and be shaping my outlook on life for a long time to come. Work with Komo for real results! Work with Komo to achieve your dreams! Work with Komo!!!

Nov. 15, 2019
Komo is the first step to achieve your goals!

I contacted Komo Consulting with a reference of my close friend. Although Kelsey had tight schedule right before the MBA final application deadlines, she accepted me as a client and created magic. As an immigrant in New York, I was a little bit difficult client with my job description, perspective and language; but she was so patient, understanding, and kind to me. She is really amazing - she worked with me even weekends to meet the deadlines & believe me she definitely knows what she is doing. If you need assistance with your applications, I am telling you - Komo is the best first step to achieve your goals.

Sep. 3, 2019
Komo Consulting reignited my passion for writing!

I have been working with Komo Consulting for four years (from high school into university) and have found every session to be of immense benefit to my writing ability. Over the years I have learned how to properly structure my thoughts, clearly explain my ideas, and enhance my arguments through support. Overall, Komo Consulting has helped make my writing experience more positive by having a mentor encourage me and work through my specific weaknesses. Would absolutely recommend Komo Consulting to anyone looking to improve their quality of writing and approach essays with a less daunting mindset!

Aug. 31, 2019
Our experience with Kelsey and her team…

Our experience with Kelsey and her team was nothing short of perfect! They are so professional yet they possess that personal touch that makes the process so pleasant. Jad felt so at ease and slowly built his confidence in his pursuit of college applications and SAT prep.

Jun. 27, 2019
Komo Consulting Program Experience

It was such a pleasure to be in the Komo Consulting program. The amount of help and support I got throughout my year was very much needed. If it weren't for this program I would have probably struggled a lot more in my year.

Jun. 26, 2019
Best educational consultants

We used Komo Consulting a few months into my son's senior year in high school. I wished we had known about them since his freshman year. Komo is different from other educational consultants in that they not only provide subject matter tutors (math, chemistry, English), but they actually teach the student how to organize, prioritize, and plan their academic schedule and projects.

Jun. 19, 2019
It was with confidence and gratitude…

It was with confidence and gratitude that I highly recommend this tutoring firm. My experience with Komo Consulting (K.C.) spans over three children (high school and University level at the undergrad and graduate level) over four years.

May 15, 2019
Exceptional experience

Exceptional experience, exceptional program, exceptional personnel! Highly recommend this program to anyone struggling with any part of school, because the struggle goes way beyond the subject matter and they go above and beyond to get to the root of the problem. It is a small investment for a lifetime of rewards!!!

Mar. 28, 2019
Komo Consulting Recommendation

I began working with Komo Consulting in Gr. 12 to sharpen my essay writing and critical thinking skills in preparation for university. Now in my third year of university I continue to work with Komo Consulting and have seen a significant improvement in my writing over the years. Their professional, direct and friendly approach distinguishes them from other educational consulting firms. I would highly recommend Komo Consulting to any student seeking to strengthen their essay writing, I would not have been able to attain such successful results without their guidance.

Mar. 26, 2019
I would HIGHLY recommend Komo…

I would HIGHLY recommend Komo Consulting to just about anyone seeking academic/professional help. In the winter of 2016, I worked with Komo Consulting to receive help with grad school admission, and it was a fantastic experience. The consultant that I worked with was very knowledgable and capable. She enabled me to put my thoughts, experience and credentials into a very well polished, streamlined statement. Needless to say, I got an admission offer from the program that I wanted to get into! If you want a top-notch, satisfying tutoring/educational consulting service, you won't regret giving them a try.

Mar. 24, 2019
Komo Consulting is amazing and…

Komo Consulting is amazing and definitely would recommend! I was a client there for years and for whatever tutoring or studying service you need, everyone is more than happy to help and make sure you are not only satisfied, but excelling at the subject! Everyone is very organized and responsible thus very quick to reply to emails and calls whenever you need! I could not recommend Komo Consulting enough!

Mar. 23, 2019
Komo Consulting is a Fantastic Company!

Komo Consulting is an excellent company, I would recommend this company to anyone. All consultants are intelligent, dedicated, flexible and professional. This company helped me excel in post secondary school, develop important skills and made learning enjoyable! Thank you Komo Consulting!


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