Kids who aren’t engaged in school are unlikely to reach their potential in the future.

Are your kids among the majority of students that are not engaged?

The type of kid who really doesn’t want to do their school work?

Do you find yourself constantly having to be at them for them to stay on top of things?

Endlessly nagging at them to tune in and start working like you know they can?

Have you started to worry that maybe the intensity of their apathy towards staying focused is more dangerous than you realized?

If you’re worrying about this, you’re absolutely right.

Compared to the kids who are engaged in their school work, kids who are not engaged (i.e uninterested) in school:

– Don’t learn as much or do as well in school.

– Have a less satisfying college experience.

– Are less likely to become lifelong learners.

– Have less confidence in their own abilities and overall chances of being successful.

In fact, research shows that if your kids are genuinely interested in academic activities, their likelihood of achievement in those activities is “definite”. When compared to if they are NOT interested/ engaged.

One study even found that engagement alone was singularly able to predict how well students fared in school with an astonishing degree of accuracy.

It’s no exaggeration to state that helping your kids get and stay engaged in their school work can change the trajectory of their lives.

Every parent wants their kids to have the very best life they can possibly have, but the truth is that most of them won’t break through to the upper echelon of success and fulfillment.

Those that do?

They’re engaged in their work.

They actively participate in their own learning and professional development.

They take the initiative to make sure things are done and done right.

Disengaged students don’t magically become engaged young professionals.

Most disengaged students become disengaged young professionals who don’t advance that quickly or that far.

You might think that once your child is working on things they actually care about that they’ll be engaged and things will work out.

But this thinking is wrong.

No matter how much a person loves their work, there are inevitably going to be things they don’t want to do.

There will be challenges, hardships and uncertainty.

If they haven’t figured out how to get and stay engaged regardless of whether they love the specific subject matter at hand, they’re in trouble.

The bottom line:

Building your kids’ engagement in school significantly increases their odds of thriving in college and in their career.

The good news is: we can build out engagement.

We can help them consistently engage in material or subjects that they otherwise might not. This will help them to grow tremendously as learners/ achievers as a result.

To start building out that engagement, book a free strategy call today!

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