Your Kid Isn’t Bored – They’re Not Taking Ownership

If I had a dime for every time a student used the word ‘bored’ or ‘boring’ to explain/justify/excuse why they don’t like a class or teacher or can’t focus or do well on an assignment, I’d be a millionaire. Maybe a billionaire (especially since COVID, teens using the B word soared with online learning). 

Here’s the thing – they’re bored because they’re passive. Passive students rely on external factors – teachers, class material, specific assignments – to capture and hold their interest. And when it doesn’t – which, let’s be honest, is a lot of the time – then lo and behold, they’re BORED.

Active learners are hard to bore. They know that they can’t rely on externalities to engage them. They know that their teachers are responsible for teaching them, but they are responsible for their own learning and for making that learning interesting to them

They find Math, Shakespeare, Spanish, [insert subject/topic here] boring? OK. Do something about it. Waiting around for someone to change a status quo YOU’RE not happy with is never the recipe for success.

Case in point: one of our students is a huge Harry Potter fan. She recently wrote an essay for one of her classes on Harry Potter, drawing a parallel between society’s historical treatment of homosexuality and JK Rowling’s werewolves. 

Your kid can explore their interests and passions through all subjects. The thing is, they have to decide to do it. They can’t expect someone to do it for them. This is taking ownership 101. We set this as non-negotiable from day 1 with every student we work with, and you know what? The vast majority step up. You know why? Because taking ownership makes them feel powerful; it is literally empowering. If you want your son or daughter to join the ranks of active learners taking ownership, let’s talk. Click here to get on my team’s calendar so we can help make sure school becomes (way) less boring with this simple mindset shift. 

Cheers to never hearing the B word again,


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