Why Your Teen Can’t Manage Their Time

Most parents think a calendar would be helpful for their kids, but I’m always surprised at how many parents don’t realize that it’s not just helpful. It’s essential. 

If your teen doesn’t have a calendar, they can’t manage their time effectively. 

If they can’t manage their time, basic things needed to set themselves up for success – like getting into a homework routine, setting goals, learning to self-motivate – won’t happen.

Without a calendar, they won’t get and stay on top of school and life. It’ll be way harder than it has to be for them to build autonomy and confidence in their abilities. 

Perhaps you’ve tried paper agendas, online calendars, sticky notes, hardcopy wall calendars and then some, and nothing sticks. 

They might think they don’t need one, or assume that their school’s calendar is good enough.

Maybe they say it doesn’t help, that it’s too much work/not worth it, or they’ve tried but just can’t seem to do it consistently.

DO you want to know the real reason they’re not using a calendar? 

It’s because they don’t know how. 

In my almost two decades as an educator, having worked with thousands of students on this specifically, I know for a fact that the average student has no idea how to create or engage in their own calendar.

When they don’t know how to create and engage with their calendar, they don’t see or feel the benefits. So of course they don’t want to use it. 

Right now, there’s nothing to show them how to set up their calendar in a way that immediately and permanently makes school and life easier. There’s nothing that shows them how to use their calendar in a way that makes them WANT to use it.

So we’re building it. My team, our incredible developer and UX/UI designer, rockstar parents like yourself and students who want to be in control of their work and earn good grades, all while enjoying more free time – we’re creating low-cost, high-value technology that shows your teen how to set up a calendar they’ll actually want to use. 

To your family’s success,


Book yourself and your teen in for a call with our team today to kickstart massive improvements in their time management, organization and self-sufficiency. 

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