Why Tutoring Isn’t The Solution (A Diagram :))

The other day we talked about tutoring vs. learning how to learn, and got some great questions.

The big thing to understand is that tutoring focuses on subjects; it assumes struggle by subject. 

It replicates classroom dynamics with a subject-matter expert explaining content (you need only think of that saying ‘you can’t solve a problem with the thinking that created it’ to start to get clear on why tutoring misses the mark). 

Learning how to learn focuses on skills; subjects are simply the vehicle for building those skills. 

We (the Komo team) specialize in skill-building through schoolwork. We use school – all subjects along with non-academic pursuits (managing busy extracurriculars, college applications etc.) – as a means to practice core skills. 

Every English essay, Math worksheet, Bio test is an opportunity for your child to better understand what kind of person they are or want to be. Taking a skills-based approach to school means viewing schoolwork as a series of chances to explore themselves as a learner, thinker, time manager. Do they want to be resilient? Resourceful? Motivated? Cultivate integrity and self-respect? 

Skills-based learning means they understand the skills, mindsets and attributes at their disposal, which ones they most want to strengthen, how to do so through schoolwork. Grades go up in different subjects, sure, but importantly these are skills that will carry them through life. 

I drew up a quick diagram to help make sure you’re 100% clear on the difference (thanks in advance for letting me nerd out with you :)).

Skills – not subjects – are the key to learning and life success.

If your kid doesn’t have the skills or strategies they need to succeed, if they (or you?) are still thinking about school the old way by subject, consider this a sign to level up. Your child can learn these skills and improve in all subjects, while acquiring critical life skills. When they do this, you get to step back and not worry about their schoolwork as much. It’s a win win 🙂 

Click here to book a call with my team to get started. The bulk of this conversation is dedicated to getting clear on where your child is at right now, where they want to be and then laying out how exactly they can get themselves there as efficiently and painlessly as possible. 

To knowing it’s all about skills > subjects,


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