Why GOOD grades are BAD

I’m gonna say something that might ruffle some feathers:

I don’t think “good” grades are…well, good.

Or at least, they’re not the be-all and end-all of academic success.

Here’s what I mean…

Pretty much all students and parents want to achieve one thing in school: Get A’s.

There’s nothing wrong with that inherently. But when that’s your ONLY goal, you miss out on what’s WAY more important.

See, an “A” is just a letter on a piece of paper (or on your digital report card, or something).

What’s even more vital is what skills your child is building.

Unfortunately: Getting an A is not a skill.

Being able to…

  • Focus effectively
  • Learn new things
  • Apply what you’ve learned in challenging contexts
  • Do so in an efficient manner

…these are skills. And they’re vital to success, fulfillment, and happiness in life—in school and beyond!

Here’s the good news: When you focus on a skills-based approach to school, top-grades come easily!

That’s the secret to many high-achieving students’ success—especially the ones who seem to “have it all together”.

They’re not good at “getting A’s”. They’re good at the skills of school.

You might think those kids are just naturally gifted. 

But actually: skills for school are just like any other. They can be learned, practiced, and developed. 

Just like no child is simply “born” being good at basketball or the violin. They were taught how to be good at those things…by learning the proper skills!

The same is true for academics. Unfortunately… the right skills for school aren’t usually taught in school itself.

And that’s where my team comes in.

We specialize in showing students these skills, in a way that’s easy and fun for them.

No student is too “stupid” or “unfocussed” to learn and develop these skills. I can say this after 17 years helping students.

Let us show you how your child can improve their school skills, and become happier and more confident.

Let’s jump on a call and discuss your unique needs. The call is 1-on-1 and totally free.

Just go here to schedule…  

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