When Your Kid Doesn’t Want Help/Thinks Things Will Get Better On Their Own

If your kid is struggling but doesn’t want help, or thinks they can’t be helped, this is for you.

Jen is an incredible Mom whose college son Cam was really struggling. She knew he needed something more than just tutoring, something to really change his mindset and give him strong skills to succeed, but when she proposed Komo to him as a means of learning how to learn, he flat out refused.

“He already felt so overwhelmed. He’s failing, feeling like he doesn’t have time, and here I’m

asking ‘can you do one more thing’. His immediate reaction was ‘no, are you kidding me?’”

So she shared this analogy, which I’d never heard before and had to share with you today. Use this to help your kid see the value in taking a little bit of time to learn how to learn, to help them understand how silly it is to NOT take help when offered – 

“Imagine you got hired to build a shed. You’ve built 1,000 sheds. You take wood and nails and a hammer and you know it’ll take 6 hours to build that shed the way that you know how to do it. You’re comfortable with that. 

But what if someone came to you in the morning and said, hey listen – give me a half hour, I’ll show you how a drill and screw will be able to build this shed and you can do it in 3 hours. 

Would you take that half hour and learn how to use that drill and screw? Or would you say no, I know the hammer and nail I’m gonna do it my way.

And he’s like – of course I’d take the time to learn the drill and screw – and that’s what Komo is. Spend a bit of time up front to learn to do things quicker, faster and better.”

Cheers to your kid having the skills to do things faster and better,



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