“We Realized He Didn’t Know How To Study, He’d Never Had To” – Kerrin’s Story

School always came easy to Kerrin’s son Brennan. He started to show cracks in middle school and by Grade 9, they realized they had a huge problem.

His grades started to drop. They had to take him out of advanced classes. Brennan was frustrated and started shutting down. Kerrin shares – 

“He really didn’t know why. He’d always been naturally bright, accelerated classes, all of that. He likes when he’s in honors classes. He was dropped down from honors Spanish, from accelerated math…he wanted to take this AP class all his friends were taking. He signed up, started off and then was failing. He ended up dropping it, he couldn’t keep up. But all his friends were.”

Math especially was a struggle, they initially got him a tutor but realized it wasn’t just math – 

“It was a fundamental lack of knowing how to study, and we couldn’t get him a tutor in all subjects. We needed a foundation for all subjects. I didn’t know the best avenue to take…I’d been looking for something. Reading that Komo wasn’t just tutoring but a fundamental basis for learning is what I needed.”

Important context here – Brennan at this time had a full schedule. He was playing multiple sports and had practice or games 5-6 times per week.

So what happened when Kerrin gave Brennan the opportunity to learn how to learn?

1. He carved out 4 hours each week amidst his already hectic schedule. #priorities

2. He showed up to calls with my team. Kerrin didn’t even have to push him. “He put it all in his calendar and after about a week I didn’t have to remind him at all…I was surprised not gonna lie.”

3. Yep, he started using a calendar. “He’d never used a calendar, he’d never even looked at his Google calendar. Putting stuff in there, breaking it down, and holding himself accountable was huge.”

4. He started to feel good about the fact that he was getting all his work done. It was a relief for him to not have to figure out where to fit it in. 

5. His grades shot up to A’s and B’s.

As for Kerrin?

“I’m thrilled for him. It was a relief for both of us. It set up a structure that allowed him to succeed and as I trusted I didn’t need to remind him about things, it was really nice for me. I knew he was working, accountable and felt good about his grades. It freed us up for me not to hound him every day about what he had due.”

Kerrin’s story will resonate with (and give hope to) a lot of you, listen to it in her own words here

The biggest takeaway: your child CAN do better in school, on their terms, without you nagging them. They can see their grades shoot up. They can start to feel good about themselves as learners and thinkers. All of this can start happening this week.

Click here to speak 1:1 with my team and kickstart a new chapter in your child’s education – we’ll do a deep dive in to your situation and get crystal clear on how exactly to get your child from where they’re at right now to where they want to be.

To giving your child the opportunity to learn, 


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