Video Games = 4.0 GPA?

You know, there’s a common (mis)conception about students, especially teenagers.

They’re “lazy”. They “hate hard work”. They “hate learning.”

If you look at the way so many students treat school, it’s easy to jump to that conclusion.

But it’s incorrect. And I can prove it.

Think about your child.

You might wish your student worked harder at school… cared more… was more focussed… etc.

But now I want you to ask yourself: What is your child passionate about?

This can be anything. It doesn’t have to be “productive” in the conventional sense. 

(yes, including those things that drive you crazy cause they do them ALL the time)

Video games.
TV shows.

The list goes on.

Let’s focus on the example of video games:

Have you ever seen kids playing a video game?

They play with such intensity! Such focus!

They are super motivated to overcome every challenge and excel at the game…

…and they have lots of fun doing it!

So, is it fair to call a child like that—a “student of video games”, if you will—lazy?

I don’t think so.

Clearly he or she has the ability to focus, learn, and apply what’s been learned.

The student is NOT the problem.

The problem is the work, and the context of the work!

If we can shift a child’s relationship to school and learning into one of empowerment, autonomy, and fun…there’s no reason they can’t apply that same vigor and focus to academic success.

And this is one of the big things my team focuses on at Komo.

Rather than forcing students to learn to “like doing things they hate” (like most “tutoring” programs)…

We reframe students’ relationships to school and learning in general. 

As you can see when you think about examples of video games, sports, and so on…children like to be students of different fields in life.

The key is to make it something that empowers them and provides a positive aspect to their life—just like their other hobbies and interests do.

If you’re interested in learning how your child can have that relationship with school, let’s get on a 1-on-1 call and talk about it.

Right now, you can grab a spot on a call with me/my team for this week. 

We’ll have an in-depth conversation about your student’s academic situation, and how to optimize his/her success and fulfillment.

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