The Daily Routine That Changes Everything

Clarity is confidence. Routine is key.

If your kids don’t have a crystal clear understanding of what exactly they need to do to stay on top of school, they will never do as well or feel as confident or as smart as they could. Without a clear, simple plan and routine to get and stay organized, they won’t.

The first thing to understand is that every student CAN get on top of their school work.

Every student can get and stay organized (yes, even and especially those with learning differences). Students who are struggling do not have to stay stuck.

They can begin regaining confidence and feeling in control with their school work and learning, starting today, by doing 3 simple things every day after school:

CHECK. For each subject, one at a time, check what new work has been assigned today (homework, assignment, quizz/test). Depending on your district and curriculum, this might be in Google classrooms, your kids’ agenda etc. Check on the status of any work in progress too.

PLAN. Plan out the completion of each assignment, the study plan for each quiz or test. For work in progress, update the plan for completion if/as needed. Identify specific milestones to complete on specific dates, and plug them into the calendar.

DO. Do the work. Have to finish a worksheet for tomorrow? Do it. Have an assignment due in two days but planned for completion today? Do it.

That’s it. The one thing a lot of our kids need to hear?

Stop worrying about “trying” to do well. Just stop! This by itself implies guesswork or effort without strategy, which is exhausting (for our kids and for us). Just DO these 3 things everyday after school.

If you help your kids put this in motion today, they’ll feel more confident in school this time next week.

You’ll have more peace of mind that they know the basics of HOW to do school as efficiently as possible and beyond that, a super simple but powerful sequence they can fall back on any time they’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure of next steps.

The value of giving your kids clarity cannot be overstated.

Having a simple, brief daily action plan is a powerful buffer against overwhelm, stress, missed assignments and that awful feeling of spiraling out of control or feeling stupid. The sooner they start internalizing their daily routine, how GOOD it feels to know they’re on top of everything, the sooner they can start to feel and do their very best in school.

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