Set goals as a family this summer.

With the summer rolling in, I’ve been thinking a lot about our students (as always!).

I’ve been thinking about how they are potentially at risk of facing into months of lethargy having suffered through months of (boring at best and lacking at worst) distanced learning and lost routine.

We all want our kids to thrive, to feel good about themselves and to learn to think for themselves, including but not limited to…

…forming thoughtful and educated view points

…recognizing and questioning assumptions

…reasoning through a position, logically considering its validity and limitations

…reflecting on their values and the type of person they want to be.

One of the best and simplest entry points (yet also one of the most underused means) for helping your kids learn to think for themselves is through goal setting.

Having kids identify what they want (and why) and map out specific steps to get there not only cultivates introspection and results in more purposeful and powerful achievement, but actually accelerates growth because goal setting is a skill amplifier.

Additionally, many of the skills we want our kids to develop are the same ones we want to strengthen in ourselves. Goal setting in particular is one of the outwardly easier skill sets we can model (and benefit from at the same time).

Showing our kids what goal setting looks like in practice can drive our own personal and professional improvements, and is a powerful teaching tool for proactively building this crucial skill set in our kids.

If this sounds like it would benefit your family, like it might help your kid or if you’d simply like to learn more, reach out and book a call here.

Let’s talk about how we can help your kid to feel good about themselves, think for themselves and make this summer (and the following school year!) their best yet.

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