Let’s Talk..On TikTok🙈

So for the last year, members of my team and some students have been adamant that I get on TikTok. 

As a working professional specializing in learning and academics, not in my teens or twenties or seeking to make funny animal videos or go viral, I thought that was ridiculous and declined repeatedly. Also, being on video is NOT in my wheelhouse, takes a lot of mental gymnastics to get over feeling self-conscious and such. 

I recently finally relented and joined, feeling super out of my element and a bit ridiculous tbh. BUT – I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by what I’ve found. Turns out I misunderstood the platform in a lot of ways. 

There are SO many parents and educators and students, sharing great content and helping each other out. 

So – I was wrong. TikTok – at least corners of it 🙂 – are for me, and for you. It’s a new and pretty cool way to share the skills and strategies that make a real difference in the quality of your life and your kid’s life, and I must say more fun and personal than email. 

Like, amongst other things, you can ask questions that I can respond to super fast, in video, justlikethat. It’s like personal, on-demand, bite-sized coaching. 

If you’re up for trying something new with very low stakes, create your TikTok account and let’s connect (I’m @kelseykomo, message me letting me know you’re on the Komo list!).

If you’re resistant or think it’s not for you, I HEAR YOU, and encourage you to keep an open mind and give it a try (I was about a year late in taking this advice, you needn’t waste the same time avoiding something that’s actually pretty great). You can also ask your teen to help set up your account, modeling intellectual humility and resourcefulness and letting them teach you a thing or two 🙂 

TikTok. @kelseykomo. See you there.

Cheers to getting to know each other better, 


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