If You’re a Teacher and a Parent Struggling With Your Own Kid – You’re Not Alone!

Some of the most frustrated parents I speak with are teachers. They tell me they feel extra bad because they have no issue supporting their students in the classroom yet can’t seem to support their child in their own home.

There are different dynamics to this challenge, but here’s the bottom line:

You can be the best teacher or tutor in the world, but if your child doesn’t have strong learning skills, it won’t matter.

Teaching content (Math, English, History) is very different than teaching the skills to process, understand and manage information in general. Teaching in a classroom is very different than supporting learning at home. Most teachers aren’t experts in teaching skills or supporting home-based learning. 

In our current education system, neither content delivery nor classroom teaching is anchored in learning how to learn or skill-building (if they were, the majority of kids would be expert learners with super strong skills sets, instead of the exact opposite landscape we have right now where most kids graduate school without strong skills and without ever having learned how to learn).

In fact, of the (many) teachers I’ve worked with over the years, most tell me that training on skill-building is one of the main things missing from their schooling and professional development.

So, if you’re one of our incredible parent teachers, I hope you’ll give yourself a break. This invitation extends to parents who aren’t educational professionals too. Remember: 

You can be the best parent in the world and do everything you can think of to help your child with school, but if they don’t have strong learning skills, the needle won’t move much.

You might fight to get them an IEP and accommodations, advocate to teachers on their behalf, get them tutors, take it upon yourself to make sure they get their work in on time and/or submit late work…and all of this can sometimes help with grades in the short-term, but none of these amount to explicitly or systematically strengthening their core skills. 

Your kid’s ability to learn, the skills they’re aware of and practicing through their schoolwork, is where the magic happens. If you want help creating that magic, let’s talk. It’s what we do best. Click here for a 15-minute clarity call to learn more about how we can get you and your teen started with skill-building, or check out details of our proven 8-week program here (if it sounds like a fit for your child, there’s a link at the bottom of the doc to apply). 

Cheers to recognizing that limitations in what you know and can do don’t make you a failure (they just make human :)),


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