How to help your kids to see the bigger picture when they are taught to think small.

Kids are taught to think small.

It’s a fact.

School focuses on the right answer, the next quiz, the big assignment.

I’ve seen so many students with a genuine interest in a subject get frustrated and give up or zone out because the focus of the lesson is not on real learning.

They’re facing a mound of information they need to ‘know’, NOT connecting with the information to build their own understanding. We see this illustrated especially well with standardized testing. This is when your kids’ teachers often “teach to the test” rather than building skills or knowledge.

It’s just the way the system is.

It has kids going through the motions without ACTUALLY engaging, without ACTUALLY learning. They’re not seeing and getting excited about what REAL learning feels like. How energizing it is, how stimulated they can feel – they simply know that more correct answers on the next test is all that matters. They’re just not curious enough and this is a HUGE part of why they procrastinate, don’t want to work, often feel they’re stupid.

Curiosity about the world around them is so important in our kids. It’s linked to many of the most important and marketable skills that we look for as adults. What’s more, without it, our kids’ worlds are dull and lackluster. Their whole existence is just smaller.

In the long run, the next test or assignment means nothing. A genuine curiosity serves your kids so much more.

School has to follow a set curriculum. There just isn’t enough time or space to actively cultivate genuine curiosity in each student.

WE need to take responsibility to make sure they’re curiosity is being nourished.

WE need to integrate curiosity into how they do school, every day and every week.

WE need to use their school work to show them HOW to learn. To show them how to build bridges between the school work they see as boring or hard and the wonders and quirks and glories of the real world.

To bring a culture of lifelong learning into your home, book a call today.

We’ll build out an action plan together to do exactly that.

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