Henry’s Story

“High school was easy, and that wasn’t a good thing for my future success.

It was easy enough that I could coast and not really study, not really feel the need to build strategies…and that was fine and dandy in high school because I was getting good grades. But I got to college and it’s very different if you don’t have any study skills. 

If you don’t study, you’ll fail things.

I found myself not having any motivation because I didn’t feel confident in what I was doing, because I didn’t have any skills, didn’t know how to study well or manage my time. That left me not prepared for things, not even wanting to try to feel prepared for things because I didn’t think I was going to do well. 

That’s where I was at coming into the program.”

How’d you hear about us?

My mom told me about the program and she recommended it as an option and at first I was like…I don’t need an option like that. I thought I was fine. Sometimes you don’t realize there’s a problem until someone gives you a very good solution. I didn’t know there was a problem  until finishing the Komo program and I’m like WOW I’m definitely in a different place now than I was.”

Where are you now and what would you say to students who don’t want anything ‘extra’ on their plate?

“The biggest quantifiable difference is that 1st semester I’m taking 4 classes, which is 16 hours. Next semester I’m taking 5 classes and an internship on campus. 

My extra commitment to 3-4 hours a week with Komo has given me the ability to take an extra class AND feel confident in doing an internship AND preparing for a study abroad trip. 

I’m able to have a lot more on my plate next semester, and I’ve set myself up for a double major.”

This is a must watch for your teen if they’re in Grade 11+. Regardless of what they decide to do after high school, they need to know that the skills to manage their time and self-motivate are essential if they want to succeed.

Click here to listen to Henry’s story in full, and click here to book a call with my team. On this call, we’ll do a deep dive with your teen into what they truly want for themselves, and how to make it happen.

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