Goal Achievement: A Komo Client Story

One of our students Colleen had a goal. I was delighted to hear recently that she was accepted to her dream school for her dream career. She took the time to share her whole story/lessons learned and there were so many gems, I am sharing here:

In 2018, Colleen’s dream of being an archaeologist was quashed. She didn’t get in to any of the programs she’d applied to. She needed them to make a career doing what she loved.

Right now, she’s been offered a dream archaeology job this summer before starting an amazing program in the fall.

If you’re raising a child with a dream, an ambition – something YOU wish they really could have… here’s a must-listen.

Here’s the link.

She speaks to how she overcame obstacles that prevent too many students from reaching their potential, including:

😒“I hate asking for help and feeling like I need someone else to get something done. Admitting to myself that I need help to get what I want…” 6”36

😒How do you get over that super limiting “I shouldn’t need help” mindset? 8”44

😔Wanting something so badly but not knowing how to get it. 12”45

Wanting something with your whole heart is not the same as being in the state of mind that will allow you to achieve it. Wishing you could have something does not produce the tools you need to get it.

If you feel like your kids are capable of doing and feeling better than they are, you’re probably right. The question is what do they need to bridge the gap from where they are right now to where you KNOW or wish they could be?

For Colleen, it was realizing that doing school the RIGHT way makes you feel strong, smart and worthy. “We didn’t jump right in to test scores or essay writing, we started with our session on strengths, values and passions, and if I’m having a rough day, I go back to it.. that kind of foundational stepping stone is what I needed.” 11”24

Click on this link to listen to her insights. Learn how we can help our kids make their dreams a reality.

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