From Stressed And Anxious To Self-Motivated And Thriving

School was rough for Katie. The word she uses to describe how it is ‘torturous.’

She was stressed, depressed and anxious all the time. She’d wake up and dread school, every single day. She had ‘the lowest motivation ever’ and couldn’t focus or pay attention. She felt like school was consuming her life and struggled to get good grades, which just caused more stress.

In sophomore year, she switched from her local public school to an online homeschool. This helped in some ways, but also meant she had to really take charge of her schooling, which was difficult for Katie.

Her Mom was asking about school almost every day. 

“My Mom would be like ‘how’s school? Have you been doing your work? I see you have a missed assignment – what are you gonna do about it?’ …and I’d be like ‘oh my god Mom get outta my room.’

I’d say ‘yea I’m doing it’ but not and going on my phone.”

Katie and her Mom were ready for change by the time they reached out and booked their 1:1 Learning Skills Audit with us (if you’re also ready for a change, you’re invited to book that same call here). 

They said yes to learning how to learn, to practicing new skills and mindsets, and we dove into working together (through our 8-week program). Fast forward a few weeks and Katie has created a new situation for herself, one that she didn’t really believe was in the cards –

“I had never in a million years thought that any of the things I was struggling with would be able to be aided in any sort of way.” 

This healthier and happier reality includes:

✅feeling self-motivated to do her work,

✅communicating respectfully with her Mom about school and her needs, and

✅cultivating what she calls ‘habitual positivity’ to avoid catastrophizing/beating herself up/feeling bad and focus instead on the skills she can use to do and feel better.

Katie’s story illustrates the clear connection between wanting change and acquiring the tools to make it happen. She’s also remarkably articulate and I know her insights will resonate with most of you and a lot of your teens (I’d actually suggest taking a listen together). Tune in here

To your kid’s ability to learn new tools and change their situation,


PS tools for success don’t magically appear. You and your kid need to decide you want change, and take action to get the tools to create that change. This is what Katie and her Mom did, and what I’m inviting you to do by booking a call here. By clicking this link and booking in, you’re saying yes to wanting to get clear on what exactly is at the root of your kid’s struggles and to mapping out how to reduce or eliminate those struggles.

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