Does your child actually need our help?

I’m fielding a lot of questions from parents about whether learning how to learn and skill-building through school work (our expertise) are what they need.

Here’s the truth: if your child knows exactly how and why to…

  • use their calendar and manage their time, 
  • study,
  • write essays (good ones, without panic or paralysis or thinking they’re a ‘bad’ writer)
  • communicate with teachers and self-advocate, 
  • read (for comprehension, not just completion),
  • take notes, 
  • get and stay organized,
  • complete all assignments properly and before the due date,
  • get the grades they want,
  • articulate the skills they’re using to process, understand, retain and apply information they’re being taught….

…then NO, they don’t need what we have to offer. 

If you and your child are not crystal clear on how to do the above then yes, we have the solution. Our simple, proven curriculum shows your child how to learn efficiently and build the skills that make learning and life success a lot easier.

And thanks to technology, you can bring it into your home with the click of a button (here).

Cheers to your child discovering what they’re truly capable of 🙂

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We teach your child how to learn so that they can hit their academic goals while building the skills they need to thrive in school and as self-motivated, resourceful young adults in college and their career.

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