Bad days are OK.

Reminder: bad days are OK.

‘Bad days’ are normal and happen to everyone.

Especially right now when all seems incredibly bleak.

Some kids need to hear this more than others, but especially those with perfectionist tendencies, those who are hard on themselves and those who are inclined to give up or disengage when the going gets tough (“why even try/why should I care?”).

Feeling negative emotions or overwhelm as a result of classmates, teachers, bad grades, learning differences etc. doesn’t make them less worthy or brilliant.

Allowing them to define themselves in these terms, to sit in the negativity, will make them FEEL less worthy and brilliant.

Helping our kids understand that dips here and there happen to the best of us, but it’s our choice to recognize these as outliers and build resilience – acknowledge the bad days, but not reading too much into a single day, comment or event.

Building out that resilience is key to helping your kid handle everything teen life has to throw at them. It will also help them to become a thriving adult that is capable of navigating the ups and downs that come with that next phase in their lives.

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