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We’re a team of passionate educators rethinking the role and nature of skill-building.

The Komo Model


We use students’ schoolwork to build the skills they need to succeed not just on the next test or assignment, but in ​life:​ critical thinking, communication, time management, executive functioning and metacognition.


Students co-construct their very own learning and achievement strategy, with goals that excite them and wins that keep them motivated. We show them how to become learning strategists who can effectively manage their academic careers.


A new breed of professional - a hybrid educator/mentor/coach - bridges classroom teaching, student learning and family dynamics around school. Parents and teachers gain a trusted ally and students are coached to understand and step into their best selves.

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We help students understand that learning how to learn is the key to doing and feeling their very best in school. They don't need our help because they're 'less than' their peers in any way, but because developing their core skills, mindsets and attributes sets them up to succeed on any path of their choosing.

We teach students the skills they need to succeed not just on the next test or essay, but in life.

  • 1. Everyone wants or expects students to do well in school, but nobody shows them how. The how piece – how to work through assignments, manage time, study properly, set goals, etc. – is key.

  • 2. Schools have a lot on their plate. They do what they can with the resources they have, fulfilling tremendous duties while managing crowded classrooms, curricular constraints and more. The reality is that too often students move from year to year without developing the practical skills or knowledge they need to thrive in college or their career.

  • 3. Traditional tutoring is not the solution. It’s generally subject-specific, transactional and sought on a remedial basis, all of which actually do students more harm than good.

  • 4. Too many students feel overwhelmed and stressed with school, and too many parents and schools don’t have the resources to solve the problems of their struggling learners. As a result, more students than ever are graduating from high school or university without essential skills.

Komo is a leading expert in skill-building through schoolwork, and has helped thousands of students learn how to learn, self-motivate and achieve the grades they're truly capable of. We offer proven, powerful systems to reduce school stress and struggle while improving grades, confidence and household dynamics around school.

When students have a clear road map for taking control over their academics, they can learn more and stress less while exploring and stepping in to their true potential.

Who We Are

Kelsey Komorowski

Founder & Chief Skill Builder

Rosmery Mujica Morales

Student Success Specialist

Hiba Alhomoud

Math and Science Specialist

Paige Pinto

Student Success Specialist

Amelia Narduzzo

Student Ambassador

Nicole Shrott

Director of Student Success

Lois Moon

Student Success Specialist

Tasha Terrell

Student Success Specialist

The Komo Difference

We teach your child how to learn so that they can hit their academic goals while building the skills they need to thrive in school and as self-motivated, resourceful young adults in college and their career.

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