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We’re a team of passionate educators rethinking the role and nature of academic support.


  • 1. Everyone wants or expects students to do well in school, but nobody shows them how. The how piece – how to work through assignments, manage time, study properly, set goals, etc. – is key.

  • 2. Schools have a lot on their plate. They do what they can with the resources they have, fulfilling tremendous duties while managing crowded classrooms, curricular constraints and more. The reality is that too often students move from year to year, and ultimately graduate, without developing the practical skills or knowledge they need to thrive in college or their career.

  • 3. Traditional tutoring is not the solution. It’s generally subject-specific, transactional and sought on a remedial basis, all of which actually do students more harm than good.

  • 4. Too many students feel overwhelmed and stressed with school, and too many parents and schools don’t have the resources to solve the problems of their struggling learners.

This is why we created the Student Success Accelerator©, to show students how to take control over their academics, learning more and stressing less while exploring and stepping in to their true potential.

We're on a mission to normalize that there is a better way to "do school." Our system uses existing school work - which many students find boring, too hard or irrelevant - to engage in their work and explicitly build the skills, mindsets and attributes they need to succeed not just on the next test or essay, but in life.

Who We Are

Kelsey Komorowski


Jiji Kikhia

Student Success Specialist

Ben Shannon

Math Specialist

Mike MacDonald

Student Success Specialist

Aisling Ni Dhonnchadha

Student Success Specialist

Rosmery Mujica Morales

Spanish Specialist

Hiba Alhomoud

Math Specialist

Paige Pinto

Student Success Specialist

Tzvetelina Tzoneva

French Specialist

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Clarity is power, and that's what we want for you: a crystal clear road map for your students to hit their academic goals while learning the skills they'll actually need to thrive in college and their career.

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