A Note On Accommodations

First things first – I’m all for students who need accommodations, getting accommodations. There are absolutely certain students who need them and benefit from them.

Often, however, accommodations are a solution to the wrong problem.

For example, many students don’t need time and a half on the test. 

They need to learn how to study and focus, both of which are acquired skills (yes, focus is a skill too, including and especially for kiddos with ADHD). 

And/or they need to understand and practice intellectual humility, which makes it easier for them to listen in class (because they don’t assume they know everything already) and ask the teacher questions (because they know it doesn’t make them look dumb and that asking questions in fact is a sign of being smart). 

These are just a small example of the kinds of skills that drastically improve how your kid is able to do in school and feel about themselves as a learner.

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. No skills or low skills = no or low confidence or capacity to thrive academically, regardless of accommodations. 
  1. Skills are built, not born.

To your child knowing they can feel like a rockstar in school…when they have the right skills!


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