Homework isn’t the (main) problem. How kids do homework is.

Most students experience homework in the same ways: boring, hard, irrelevant.

It’s something they have to do, a chore to get out of the way before they can go do what they actually want to do.

In reality, homework is a playbook for learning. Most kids don’t know how to use it like that but when they’re shown how, magic can happen.

There’s a super simple framework that literally any student can use to get better grades, never miss assignments, and actually learn. Any parent can show their kids how to incorporate this daily and strengthen a culture of skill-building in their household in the process.

First things first?

Never, EVER just sit down and start doing homework. This reinforces consuming information or merely completing assignments over constructing understanding or building skills.

The former isn’t motivating or rewarding or engaging; if it’s easy it’s boring. If it’s too hard they want to give up or not do it at all.

It’s a kiss of death.

The latter is stimulating and activates intellect > instinct (learning > getting it done). This is where we start to see more autonomy in getting their work done. More awareness and curiosity about how well they’re actually capable of doing (hello, motivation!).

What do we do instead of just sitting down to do homework?

The very first thing each day after school is checking what they have to do. This develops a crystal clear picture on the status of their work. This is one of the essentials for a rock solid foundation on which to actually do their work.

This is literally one of the simplest tools to start supercharging success in school. So few families normalize it. The ones that do? Grades go up, stress goes down and students start to explicitly build their core skills.


✅clarity about what’s going on in each subject

✅confidence that they’re on top of ALL of their work

✅consistency in getting their stuff done properly and in on time

If you need further help getting to grips with this tool for student success? book a free 1:1 strategy call here.

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